You will make all the difference.  We are looking for smart, compassionate teammates who want to improve global health for the world's most underserved communities by applying their passion for technology.

principal software Engineer (backend)

Lead design and implementation of our core cloud platform, choosing amongst tradeoffs for scale and widespread adoption of our services.  Requires proven AWS and API design experience and a keen eye for issues of security and scale.  ML/AI experience strongly preferred.

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Principal Software Engineer (Mobile)

Lead design and implementation of our mobile applications and components, working primarily in Android but also with iOS.  Requires deep experience with the Android stack, including cross-application integrations, networking, and power-efficiency strategies.  Prefer HealthKit knowledge on iOS, and also a strong sense of user-centered design principles.

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Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

Lead design and implementation of our frontend web services, with a focus on user-centered design and fast, iterative development.  Requires experience building scaled web frontends with current technologies in user-centered environments, as well as strong cross-functional collaboration skills.

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